Monday, March 05, 2007


This news could change the way that you change your next flat tire...

Igleheart has been working with Montague to develop a front wheel retention system that could replace your campy-style quick release front skewer. The finished product was revealed at the Handmade Bicycle Show in San Jose California over the weekend. Goliath bike companies Trek and Pacific are on-board for this new one-handed, and fool proof way (after all this IS America) to attach wheels. Both Trek and Pacific will be including the Clix system on many of their bikes for 2008.
This revised skewer may just find it's way on to every bike in America.

Some news from the show:
Jeremy got his photo on the net. Nice lookin Burrito that's what all the girls say..
Looks like another builder is on to the unified rear triangle biz with this SS version..sorry Wraith. Looks like this guy is on to the same idea...

Leave it to IF to come up with the most radical track bike at the show.

This guy has on a sweet racing kit...where can I get me one a those?

This new Calfee looks pretty bomb proof huh? Definitely more of a show piece.

Maybe years from now I'll have a dedicated commuter with Bruce Gordon racks. *sigh*

For all you weight weenies...the ultimate in hill climbing - 7.2 lbs fixie!

Plenty more pictures of the show can be seen here (to keep you busy at work) :)

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wraith said...

We'll cut him some slack cause he owns the patent. I still don't like it.