Friday, March 23, 2007


My life is more complete now that I've got a set of full length fenders on my road bike. What was I THINKING?? riding without them? I guess what you don't know gets you sprayed with filth and salty water! Big thanks go out to Harvey for kicking me down his spare set. In retrospect they are worth their weight in gold. Fenders have allowed me to ride my commute to work and arrive looking less like Mike Row on an episode of Dirty Jobs.
The only thing left is to make my own custom mud flap!
I really liked this guy's lengthy explanation on how to stick duct tape to your fender...
And for the ultimate in customized fenders...none other than the Fender Blender! (who knew?)

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wraith said...

you need one of those blenders for your merlin so you can have a perfect juice drink in the a.m. Think of all the accessories you could justify in the name of training. A pedal powered coffee grinder and brew, shaver, electric tooth brush, dvd, mp3, and all in anodized purple. OH Baby! the ricochet is back in style.