Monday, March 26, 2007

Whoa. I've been blog-jacked!

I awoke to drink some java and update my foolish blog when I see no bike peeps on my header? It's been replaced with a picture of which I am unfamiliar...maybe best described as American culture? But could be anywhere...but what is it doing on my Blog?
This mysterious picture invokes no feelings of passion from my sole. It makes me uneasy as I sit here drinking my cup of coffee. Cars streaming down the highway with some distant destination. People speeding on their commute from work, like rats in a maze.
This is passion, this is also rats in a maze, this is 24 hours of Great Glen 2005.
...Now where's my header?


wraith said...

Bush did it! Bikes= bad, cars=$

IF Chicks said...

It's an Alien abduction !!!

great picture of the full moon at GG...
if you feel like going co-ed on that one I would do it...8/11 is my b-day.

corrections on your race schedule:

6Hr O' power is moved to:
Sunday July 29th 10:00am-4:00pm

24 hours of Killington is
July 28-29th

went out on road sunday..
nice and dry !

Andy said...

Yeah, nice shot. Got it from the GG24 web site a cpl years ago.

wow tough choice for racing on the weekend of July 28-29!
Bradbury, 6 hours O' power, or K24 ?

glad u got out Sunday...I did a solo blast around Cape Ann, was pretty shattered after...I had to choke-down my first pastey soy recovery drink of 2007!

bward said...

I was a bit confused about the cars. Didn't think it was a very Andy-like message.

From what I've heard I don't think they'll allow you guys back at GG.....

And how are the trails? I'm assuming still mud, but I'm itching for a ride this weekend.

jeff said...

gary goodvibes is always welcome at GG!

i'm feeling some desert solitude. two four of Moab!?

IF Chicks said...

i'm glad your orginal collage picture is back..
the universe is once again aligned.

IF Chicks said...

i forgot..
my advice on July 28-29 weekend is either K24 or Bradbury. I think the Bradbury one should be good..the regular Bradbury Mtn race was excellent (sort of near LL Bean area).

6HOP is a looong drive across NY state(and the race is over at 4pm sunday) and we are driving to W101 the next weekend.

Of course after you driving to TN last year, nothing might seem as long ! (hopefully you and JeffW will fly to moab if you go)

Andy said...

yo bill,
Dogtown won't be all that bad, mostly sand. Team Westrn/Harris/Iglheart will be in full effect this weekend somewhere on the northshore. Grab a hardtail or a xc bike and come out and suffer with us.

your race organizational skills are second to no one...thanks.

...and Gary Goodvibes, get back in the two four mentality...what do you think about a nice loong solo ride with a thousand other derainged people.
My last attempt at this feat was humbling at best, you remember Harry? This time around I'll treat it less like a sprint.

IF Chicks said...

Solo24 @moab ?!!.. you guys could do better than that gagnon dude and he placed #8 last year :)

All the top guys will be working it at that can't rain like that two year in a row
Do it !!!

bward said...

Moab then to BC... you know you want it. I'll bring the tools and beer ;p

gwadzilla said...

that is a sweet picture

I know nothing about the gremlins