Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ti bikes don't rust!

I am one step closer to achieving total bike kook status. Funny how things slowly progress. I think it was Jeff's unyielding attitude on bike commuting that finally sunk in, "why aren't you riding to work?" well...Why wasn't I?
I considered myself a fair-weather bike commuting person. Limited to clear and sunny days. Monday was the trial with a 60% chance of rain in the forecast.
Of course I can get home! I thought Hell, I got fenders! and a jacket and temperatures hovering at 49 degrees. With daylight till 7:00 I had no excuses. It'll be cold, but I'll have a hot shower waiting for me 25 miles away.
One small wrinkle to my plan..I had forgotten the blinky lights, hence the yellow and orange tape I borrowed from the kind mechanics at USAirways so the people of Saugus and Lynn can say..."hey whats that shiny yellow thing that I'm about to collide with?
So the first rain commute went almost without a hitch. It did rain and the span known as "Mikey's bridge" got a little squirly and threw me into a panic for a split second but I corrected in time to avoid catastrophe and was unscathed but frozen with fear for a moment. I am hooked on the spin home. The training miles and the gas savings are small by-products. The fresh air and stress relief are the larger benefits.


jeff said...

don't kid yourself, you already were a bike kook!

wraith said...

he was a kook before any bike came along. Ask him to see his 1st grade picture.

Andy said...

nice! that's right, drag out the image of me with a dutch boy bowl cut and the american flag on my shirt, smiling with one good tooth...
Whatch out!- mr. cobra club getting suspended in second grade for conspiracy to do bodily harm to jonny-lion glorioso!

IF Chicks said...

What happened back in 1-2 grades back in Danvers ??

bad haircuts, dental issues, american flags and conspiracy...

is there more stuff to be revealed that's worthy of a Lifetime cable movie ????????

rick said...

the post work commute is pure bliss. After 13 1/2 stressful hours yesterday, I couldn't wait for the 50 minute commute home. I felt 100% better afterwards.

wraith said...

Some kids had gold fish, I had a gang, it's perfectly normal! and getting in trouble for what someone thinks your thinking is just bull shit. You can take my freedoms but you can't take away my thoughts.

gwadzilla said...

I wish my commuter were longer

I just do not ride as much as I should

for the lazy folks
commuting is the only training we get

not hardly training

I consider training to be the "T" Word