Monday, April 23, 2007

cohutta 100

The short version:
Good people, good times, spectacular single track to start the race, Weather could not have been better, raced with some quality people, got beat by 23 of them, 1 high speed crash (but nothing like Thom's), 1 prolonged bonk, 1 comeback from the depths of the pain cave, 1 large smile crossing the finish line, 1 totally awful hamburger post race, 4 trips to the hot tub before leaving the cabin.
1 large lesson learned, when going into a 100 mile race with golden legs don't peg the HR at 171 for 50 miles and expect to hold on.
I'll be back to apply what I've learned at the Mohican. Thanks to Jeff W, Eddie and Nam 'O, Harlan, Mark E, Lauren & Harvey. A longer version of my meltdown and some cool pictures tomorrow.


IF Chicks said...

what happened to thom ?

namrita o'dea said...

great weekend! looking forward to reading your report.