Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Main Entry: assemblage
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: gathering
First race this Saturday. Looking forward to getting back on the bike after some nasty rain and cold conditions up here in New England. Good week to rest up due to the crap weather but I miss riding already! LETS GET IT ON! so we can all ride all day! That's what I tell myself before a big race to avoid nervousness, "we get to ride all day!"
With all the bad happenings of the world it's a fine thing to be a seemingly simple mountain biker with one beat my last year's time at the Cohutta 100.
Looks like temperatures will be near 70 degrees & sunny for the race and I'll be bearing my pale legs (with out the shielding aid of spandex) for the first time in '07. Get ready to see some pasty ashen legs Tennessee!
I won't venture to guess who will be in the top ten...going to interesting to find out. I'm just looking to survive with a smile and celebrate life with a bunch of endurance junkies. See y'all on the trail.


IF Chicks said...

have a blast !

I'll be journeying to Leeburg, VA for 13 hr 3 person team with friends from MD. It's 11am sat-midnight so we get some night laps :)

say hi to guys and
get some pictures after race.

anthony said...

ashen legs? That's racist Imus!

Anonymous said...

um, andy? what's going on????

assemblage is a noun. :)

good luck on the trail, monkey boy.

Jason said...

Good luck Andy!

Buddy said...

Tear it up dude. Have fun and ride fast,