Monday, April 09, 2007

I see a trend here!

The year was '99 or 2000 when I was first introduced "it"...
I remember the experience like it was yesterday.
I was at work, a co-worker said "hey, think of something you want to buy and I'll find it online!" I replied instantly (and thought I had him stumped)...
"A Warn threespeed overdrive for a 1953 Willys wagon!"
Within one minute he had found an auction for that overdrive.
And within a few days I was the owner of a fully functional (and hard to find) fifty year old planetary gearbox that would propel all steel wagon to highway speeds. oh joy!
Logically the next item I bought was better brakes to slow my all steel wagon...again from ebay.
Since that day ebay changed my life, and maybe yours (and the world economy).
It enabled you and me to pocket some loot, unclutter the basement,
buy anything from anywhere, have it delivered, while holding the seller accountable. "It" also created an entirely new portal for scams and harassing email.
It is now a 700 pound gorilla among 600 pound gorillas.
It has spawned many successful offshoots, one of which is a major financial organization (paypal).
Many years ago when I created my account I thought wow, I should really buy eBay stock! (not that I am a huge investor or anything) But, I probably spent the money on bike parts (and rent) instead. In hindsight It is responsible for pumping the stock prices of usps, fedex, ups, dhl, end every delivery service probably including bike, I don't own any of those either.
But when companies get too big and complicated (and expensive to use) they lose the cool factor.
" jump the shark" so to speak.

Has ebay warn out it's welcome with high fees and utter complication?
Maybe, at least with some mountain bike bloggers.
Tinker's bypassing the auction site.
So is Dave Harris, but then again he's just giving his shit away.
Anybody need a set of tubeless mavic 3.1 wheels? or a Thompson 100mm 5 degree stem?
I got both and don't need'em.
I trade for beer.

Here's one that you don't see everyday.
Video doesn't do this line justice (they never do)
But it's my friend Jared aka mr tough guy-no shirt!
He found out where the "G" in G spot was.


IF Chicks said...

how much and what type of beer do you want for the tubless wheelset ?????
(how old and why are you parting ways ??)

Andy said...

there's always a catch...
The rear wheel is laced with dt swiss db (three cross) to a hugi hub. nice solid wheel that saw little use. The front hoop was never built so you need a hub and spokes. I bought the rim set for $50 plus the hugi hub. I'll take a case of suds...
Good thing you have a package store across the street from your new house!

IF Chicks said...

SOme of what you wrote means little to me.. I already have one tubless front wheel. Is it a disc rear hub ?

Do you have any tires to trade ?

what tires should I put on Blur for riding around the neighborhood trails?

yes, everything is near the magical house.. i have to check out the stores when I come up tomorrow to sign some papers.

gwadzilla said...

I am going to steal that tinker link
will credit you of course


I know Kerry

Andy said...

steal away Gwadz!
Thats what it's here for!

seems that mtb'ers and blog'ers hang in small circles...(less than) 6 degrees of seperation.

IF Chicks said...

yeah, i know all the cool mtb guys..

hey andy..
who is all going to Cohutta that i know ??
thomp ?

are you ready ??
you have to ride 100 miles in 10 days !!

are you going with suspension or rigid ? with or without shirt like your bubby in video ??

wraith said...