Thursday, April 12, 2007

SL ahhs!

As I surf around the blog world from the warm and dry confines of a 7 by 14 foot office here at work (affectionately known as the cave) it's pouring outside. Damn those weather people for being right! At least it's not snow. I woke early this morning, jonesing to get some spin time on my new set of wheels. Rain was forecasted to start falling at 7 so I got out at 6 for a dry hour of singletrack.
Mounted up a set of Kenda Karma 1.95's and inflated to 40 psi (higher than normal, didn't want a repeat of Lynn Tuesday) The verdict on the wheels...they roll! That's what they're supposed to do right? No seriously, they are some sweet spinners. Big thanks go out to Jamie at Western Cycle for allowing yet another high-end mountain bike component to be within my financial reach. My old race wheelset started to give up the ghost with some strange sounding twanging and loud clicking so it was time for a replacement.
I've yet to see if these wheels allow the 99th mile of a 100 mile race with less pain...but who cares!..they sure are purdy!
I took advantage of the 2 year warranty offered by Mavic mp3.. their motto on the warranty is "ride it like you stole it".....thanks, I think I will.

Need a laugh today? head over to swobo's site and check out "how to avoid a bummer life"
Props to Igleheart for a good chuckle out of it.


wraith said...

nice wheels

anthony said...

suck my ass! 700c's are faster that your slow puny 26" wheel set...bitch...oh and liqiudate your inventory of fag wear... oh Mr. Sock Guy, let me give you a pink sock...ass

Andy said...

Action Ant! sounds like you may have been indulging in some liquid courage :) bring on the pink sock!
now go take off your wife's underware and sleep it off.

John Hurley said...

keep that freehub lubed up or you'll be hearing the squeal of death....they don't like the wet, and actually they don't like the dust either. It they're like mine you can service it without removing the casette.

wraith said...

sounds like a fine wheel set for ant.

jeff said...

how do you service w/o removing cassette?

Andy said...

remove skewer. pop off non drive side axle plug. insert 10mm allen. use 5mm allen on drive side axel. lefty loosey. back out cassette while using fingers to catch pawls. clean and lube (light lube) and reinstall.
takes 3 minutes but is kinda a pain in the pink sock!