Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Drive time

Tapping the brakes in bumper to bumper traffic on the drive home with the AC on high. The feckless act of driving north instead of riding is bothering me slightly. My thoughts are I'm squandering a bright and beautiful afternoon stuck in traffic. I'd like to think that my legs could commute all week AND ride the Mohican! Oh, that's what Harlan means with his rant with Adam ant...

It's at this moment I need to evaluate what I'm doing with my cycling obsession. Like that's not apparent by the sight of my recently shaved legs. I don't know if shaved is the best way to describe them..Got a little carried away with the sheers last week. Anyway..Jeff and I will start our 12 hour driving adventure tomorrow night. Meeting up somewhere 'round Schenectady NY to get a head-start on our 775 mile journey to Columbus.
Is it really necessary to drive to Ohio to ride a hundred mile race?..of coarse not! This obsession can't be understood...Once again a fraternity of riders will converge from near and far on a field in the middle of nowhere to celebrate life with the ability to torture one's self.
It's the freedom and ability to attend that can't be taken lightly as I say goodbye to a good friend going off to war. Justin Ello is preparing to leave and go to a place of hell and death as we go and party for the weekend. You'll be on my mind for this week and all the weeks till you return bro.
Justin's competitive spirit and incredible strength as an athlete rubbed off on me as I supported him and Brad B in the sea to summit triathlon three years in a row. And later as I trained along side the same guys to run the Vermont 50...not to mention some good fun at the topsfield Highland Games!
Your the best Justin, come home safe. You'll be foremost in my mind when things get tough during this event and others that will follow till you return. Peace out bro.

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wraith said...

Nice write up Andy, My family and I will also miss Ello and be praying for a safe return. At which point we should all imbibe on a large brown bottle of freedom together.