Friday, May 25, 2007

felt like summer today

Out of work early Thursday for a coastal cruise from bean town to points north. 82 degrees with a cool and salty north easterly wind for 5 hours, sweet. Hugged the shore from Shirley point Winthrop to Nahant, Marblehead, and points north. Got in with some roadies somewhere in between and chatted it up with some strangers along the back roads of Mah'blehead. Turns out we knew some of the same people, small world shit.
May have even gotten some sun to cover up all the bruises on my sticks left from this week's batterings in Lynn with George, Nate and Jeff W. Good to see Jeff W on trail in not the most perfect of setting for his fully rigid rocket, but that brother rocked the house!

Got home in time to register for the VT50! yeah yeah! This race sells out in mere minutes every damn year and for the past few I've missed the cut...not this year. I registered at 7:01 and by 7:25 the race was filled. 800 mtb'ers at their computers punching the keys for 25 that works out to someone registering every 1.8 seconds for 25 minutes to fill the race...Undoubtedly New England's most popular race. Maybe I'll be pushing one gear by then...

(this from Harvey)-

According to Clarke, Americans who participated in Bike to Work Day last Friday . . .

---saved more than 56 tanker trucks of gasoline
---saved $5.7 million in driving costs
---prevented 4,580 tons of carbon dioxide and 230 tons of carbon monoxide from entering the atmosphere
---burned 410 million calories

You did it for real-does it count that I was biking while I was supposed to be working?
(I'm sure you were thinking about work!)

Got to pedal to work, Later!

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