Monday, July 09, 2007

the good, the bad, and the bloody

The kitchen project continues...slowly. Last night I washed and dried paper plates in the bathroom sink after dinner and returned them to the pile of clean plates. I ask myself, do we need a kitchen? We have been experimenting on what exactly can be cooked on the BBQ grill. Last night Lesli managed to cook rice for our chicken fajitas, Next up we'll try pizza.
We've got some great neighbors here in the hood. Jean and Harvey invited us to dinner and served Jean's specialty..baked scallops. Thanks guys. They sent us packing with the leftovers that served as my breakfast Friday morning :)
Thom P and Chris rolled up from Summ'aville on the fourth of July and met up with Glenn and his bro Tim and myself for something of an old school ride. We were all on hardtails, something that doesn't happen too often anymore. That's Thom rolling in on his 29'er.With the plumber and electrician in my house all last week left me a great excuse to roll on some epic road miles up to Newburyport and Portsmouth NH. Feeling the bonk coming on I pulled over at a fruit stand to hydrate and get some calories and maybe witness this guy catch a fish. My attention span wasn't long enough to wait though.
Newburyport looking to Plumb island.
Thursday was a store to convenience store epic. I think that's the best part of road riding. All you need is a direction and ten bucks for an all day adventure. Made the mistake of reaching for the HOT V8..didn't realize till I got the first gulp down the hatch.6:30 am on Sunday. Funny who you bump into on rt 93 heading north in Vermont.
I waved to Skip through my window and mouthed the words.."where are you going?"
Met up w JW for an epic to bag some gaps.
Got two out of four then JW ran into some bad luck
at the top of Lincoln gap. I'll let him tell that tale (it's a bloody tale of his bloody tail).he's a quick healer.Got to go for now and remember how to do my job.
been a while since I've been there last.


rick is! said...

gotta show pics of the kitchen. I like the war stories and it'll help motivate me on my project.

Andy said...

the electrical inspector was a no show to wait for that guy before we can blue board.
once the walls go back up and i nail down the floor i'll take some shots.

rick is! said...

inspectors huh? yeah, we don't do that here. Half the time people doen't even get permits.