Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July is soap opera month

I have friends that live and breathe nascar..and don't understand the fascination. But is probably similar to me (and others) following our daily dose of the tour. Nothing less than the greatest soap opera unfolding minute by minute, day by day. There's no predicting what will happen around each corner or atop the next climb, who will suffer, who will fall, who will be the next doping fool. One thing that can be predicted with certainty is which of the three tv commercials will come on next;
Run flat Bridgestone tires,
"take it all off" blue painters tape
or my personal least favorite...
That damn fool Smiling Bob with his annoying whistling jingle and advertisement for penis pills.
Last evening's edition of the national news, no mention of team astana or the disgraced Vinokourov but instead Lindsay lohan latest drunk driving offense.
As the tour rolls on, so does our kitchen project! This place is finally looking like a kitchen again. After 25 days, another two or three weeks before the counter tops are installed.

The W101 is less than two weeks! feeling ready..should be a blast. Lots of us rolling down to PA for that ride..might need to rent a bus. Better yet ask Jared to fly us all down! Bill can you set that up??

This weekend, a L.A.M.B. ride with CCB up in Whittingham country. A one hundred seventeen mile road loop over four gaps in norther VT. Rolling with Sean and a bunch of others on roady bikes. Wish Jeff could roll..other plans for a NY trip for that dude. Sucks you won't be with us Jeffery...
Been a while since I've swung a leg over the road bike, all training and rides lately have been atop my freakish three speed 69'er. I'll explain... A month ago, expecting my single speed I wanted to go gearless and prepare my riding style to abandon the need for shifting. The removal of a rear derailleur resulted in a temporary case of phantom right thumb shifter syndrome. With Igleheart's help (loaning me a Rolhoff chain tensioner) I kept the front derailleur on for commuting to work. The three gears, 22-17, 32-17, 42-17 have been perfect for all around hardtailing.Last weekend's 7 hour technical trail adventure with Kerry and Igleheart was a good test for the three speed. 29 inch wheel up front aided the rigid fork and helped roll over logs and obstacles. The 29 thing is here to stay!


jeff said...

that set-up is the balls!

kitchen's looking good. will be down boston-way thursday morning (aug 2nd) if you need a hand.

wish i could roll for the LAMB ride - it'd be great fun... gotta go do the gap ride solo tomorrow instead, that's no fun!

Andy said...

more fun than work!

take that decent off Lincoln gap those left turns!

Jason said...

Thing with those Bridgestone tires is , if they don't go flat, how do you KNOW you have a flat and can drive safely to get it fixed?? Am I missing something? :)

See you soon, have a safe trip down to PA.