Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Elvis lives!

Pleasant surprise on a Monday Commute.
Glad I took the coastal route to work.
My personal favorite.How'd they do it? No Idea...
A passion for sand sculpture for certain.
Rain tonight, what a shame.Some advice on Patience..
Wait the extra two minutes
for gravity to have its effect
on the last two shots of hammer gel.
It does not like the microwave.
Just an FYI.Kitchen update; day seventeen.
Like a jig saw puzzle but you can cheat with a chop saw.
Walls are smooth and white thanks to some talented Italian fellows. I hesitated on hiring a crew to plaster but now feel it was money well spent. Mom and Dad stopped over to give a lesson in pneumatic floor hammer operation...Lesli has a new favorite tool. We were on our way to completion when my ten year old air compressor went up in smoke.

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