Friday, September 28, 2007

A favorite race this weekend

This weekend I'll be visiting an old friend that I haven't seen in four years. This is the friend that spawned my obsession with pain and discomfort many years ago. Forced me recognize the importance of nutrition and was the impetus to train in order to overcome leg cramps and endless climbs. This friend.. VT50. Looking forward to it, bittersweet because it's the final mountain bike race for me this year. I am a lucky guy indeed. It's going to be a memorable reunion I hope.
On the Igleheart news front: There's a great Boston Globe article about Christopher, his passion for providing two wheeled vehicles to the world, hand made, one at a time. Don't know why the scowl on my face...maybe cause I had a flat? Can't remember...And yes, we called each other before this ride to be sure we were color coordinated.

Per a phone conversation with curious George earlier today I was reminded that I've been neglecting my blog audience, sorry. As for the kitchen project.. almost wrapped up. Maybe by Thanksgiving we'll be truly done. The punch list is dwindling but lingering none the less. Here's a before and after of what Lesli and I have been doing at home.

Hard to believe that it's the same room, or that we didn't do it sooner.
Gus helped too, and boy he's tired.
And this was just dropped off by the mail man...
In our hasty departure from the Great Glen 24 hour race we didn't have the opportunity to stand on the podium next to our worthy opponents. Mary has sent on the medal and trophy. Thank you. Funny, this is the second reminder of that race this week. Wednesday I was teamed up with Jon Bernhard for "Madison" drills at ECV 'cross practice. Jon was a driving force on the MTB Mind team that we battled with for 24 hours. We both laughed, now on the same team for a short time Wednesday.


wraith said...

Kitchen looks nice. So whats the next project?

Andy said...

raking leaves

wraith said...

raking leaves?... On the bike trails? That's some real dedication you da man. The north shore thanks you. You need to step up and put a toilet in your front yard and If sombody complains use it!

rick is! said...

the kitchen looks killer. hope marcy doesn't see this.

John Hurley said...

Hard to believe you didn't do it sooner....hard to believe you did that!....j/k looks great!

Trying to line up a time to come join you guys in a suffer fest.

Look up the Tahoe's in the early stages of planning....might pre-ride it this weekend.