Monday, October 01, 2007

---Point the arrow --->

The following post is directed to the many cycling junkies out there that suffer with stabbing lower back pain DURING long races and adhesions the size of concord grapes in the shoulder area RESULTING from hours in a crunched position on the saddle.
I was given some very effective advice from Betty. Now that the MTB season is almost over I'll share this info with my competition :) (I mean my friends) This advice is not so much about pain relief but pain avoidance. I call it "point the arrow".
The longer the race, the more time spent in the pain box. I have made the mistake in longer races by hurting myself with bad race posture. Crunched into a ball after hours of climbing, curving my spine, Abdomen & obliques tightened, clenching the bars with knuckles glowing white, gritting teeth, squeezing facial muscles, squinting eyes...(sounds like fun huh MOM?)
Point the arrow is simple but I didn't quite figure it out untill Betty explained it in a very simple I'll share her advice and it might help you too.
When standing against a wall with eyes pointed straight in front of you, take your hand and touch the very top of your head. This is the point of your arrow.
Back to your bike...It's hour five of a 100 mile race, you are suffering half way up on a huge slope. Instead of crunching into a ball and tightening up --point the arrow-->...turn your pelvis, lengthen and straighten your back. Imagine that you must break into the earth's atmosphere with just one point of your body and this is the very top of your head. NOT down low but at a comfortable upright postion. crazy talk? Try it.
Pelvis--back--neck--head--> aligned. Now point the arrow. Don't bend your neck but look with your eyes. Head in line, stomach muscles now release because you are lengthening your spine and straightening not crouched over. Blood flow improves to your core, breathing greatly improves, overall stress level dramatically drops, release facial muscles, now the hands...bend the elbows and release pressure from the palms.
Fun level returns. Pain subsides. Drop the hammer.
VT50 report to come... yes I did allot of arrow pointing.

OK, enough about bike pain, how bout some bike hotties from interbike '07???

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