Wednesday, October 24, 2007

fun with science

I held out a small amount of hope that dry ice was going to be a clean and quick way of magically pulling a dent out of my beautiful steel Igleheart frame. The instructions we found said 'best results attempt on a sunny day' we heated the toptube with a hairdryer, then applied the dry ice.
We also mis-used a can of dust-off,...(no we didn't huff it) in the upside down position to freeze the area around the dent. We repeated the process a few times hoping to see the dent pop back straight. I starred at it so long that I thought I saw it move.. and was ready to be startled as the ding snapped back into alignment...but that didn't happen. This trick may work on thin sheet metal but unfortunately didn't work on Columbus Life tubing.
So we resorted to playing with the extra dry ice and had a couple beers.
And filling Kerry's kitchen with Carbon Dioxide


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anthony said...

Those "Buns of Steel" tapes finally paid off.

rick is! said...

you shoulda saved some of that for halloween!