Monday, October 22, 2007

one dent, one dislocation, a few PBR's

I hopped on my bike this morning and was quickly reminded of an on-trail mishap from Saturday. Ouch. A small section on the Red Dot trail from here on out will be known as "top tube alley". My bruised undercarrige will fade in a couple of days...the dent in my bike however will not. Glenn quickly reminded me his nickname for me is "the bike destroyer".
I had been out riding since 10am and eaten all the food in my pockets, almost out of water, and was heading home when I passed Jess and Tal on their way meet Glenn and his friend Dave for a spin through red dot and Gordon. Sure why not. I've only been out for 6 hours..what's a couple more.
We were moving through red dot quickly, staying together pretty well. It's a technical single track with small can get pretty beat up if your thinking about something other than riding. Well..maybe I was thinking about the choirs I should be doing at home when both feet popped out of the peds on a slippery rocky down hill section. Ended up riding it out on my top tube. Applied some brake, took hold of the reigns and got back in control. "Whew that was fun". With Tal right behind he saw me flailing around like I was riding a bull. Funny till I noticed that I had come down on my top tube so hard my freekin pelvic bone put a sizable dent in my shiny new bike? Sort of crazy. My bruise will heal..the bike..probably not. I should look into a tool to roll dents out.
Shortly after my tt ride, Dave (who is a doctor) dislocated his ankle while falling backwards off his bike. Jess witnessed the injury and the unnatural position of Dave's foot. Thankfully Dave was ok after the shock of popping his foot back into the correct place...I didn't feel so bad about my little dent. Dave made it out safe, ice and a prescription of PBR while playing flip it was the therapy. Good going Dr Dave.

Just found this about using dry ice to pull out dents on just need some dry ice. I'll let you know how it goes.

Remove Car Dents With A Dry Ice Block - video powered by Metacafe

Turns out it was my Ischial Tuberosity (#3 on the photo) that made contact.
I'll take the dent over breaking that part of my body...doesnt look like an easy fix.
Tomorrow I'll try the dry ice trick on the dent...


wraith said...

I want to see the dent!

Andy said...

stay tuned

IF Chicks said...

That Red Dot trail is evil !
YOu do destroy bikes, maybe you need to try unicycling ?

I can get you dry CO2. email me.

Sorry about the friends ankle..
bad news.

rick is! said...

maybe you should apply the dry ice to the pelvis. all pain will go away and then big chunks of skin will fall off. very cool.

wraith said...

Your wedding tackle is useless anyway you might as well have more standover height.

Tom said...

"Top tube alley". Wonder if thats the same as cranium hill. That trail is friggin evil - I love it.