Sunday, October 07, 2007


I live here, I ride here, so do the rest of these people..but it takes a Kahuna ride to bring out everybody simultaneously.
Prerequisites for the annual Kahuna ride;
Large hang-over...check
lots of riders,
seventy seven to be exact...check
heavy, fully suspended bicycle...check
lots of sugary snacks for fuel...check

6.5 hours of technical trails...check
well then, let's ride!
Brad and Thom P got the tough guy award for their equipment choices.
Thom being a die-hard SS rider and Brad went 'hard in the front yard on his 29'er.
George was good enough to loan me his Wraith for Kahuna '07.
An exceptional machine for rough terrain and drop offs. Constructed of all steel, slack head angle, single pivot design with a unified rear triangle. Game on!
With it's stout steel frame the Wraith proved to be an efficient pedal'er and allot of fun, fully able to ride out of many precarious situations (ie, it saved my ass a few times).
Jeff and Ken also enjoyed the day aboard a Wraith.
Jeff was very stylish with his color coordinated black diamond rig.In short, the kahuna is the anti-race.
fun with friends
go full throttle
stop and share stories
and chug grape soda
I wonder if the north shore of Boston is known in the bike industry as a hot bed of destruction and a frame company's worst nightmare.

pool is open


wraith said...

I'm in next year... gotta get me some of that grape soda if that's what the kids are calling it now dayz.

jeff said...

the Kahuna! was awesome, best ride of the yr for this guy. the Wraith was too sweet, didn't take one digger all day - about a thousand dabs, but no crashes - unprecedented. thank you 5" travel bike. thank you Daren for building a bike worth riding ALL DAY LONG!!!