Friday, October 12, 2007

Opportunity knocks but once

Someone has got to open the door...I did, and behind it I find my friend Roger Mercaldi with an offer I could not let slip away,

Dear Racer-Companion / Estimado Corredor-AcompaƱante:

- You are officially in LA RUTA 2007, thanks for join us for the adventure of a life time. If you have any questions feel free in asking.
- Usted esta inscrito oficialmente en LA RUTA 2007, gracias por unirse a nosotros en la aventura de su vida. Si tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en realizarla.
This is the year of La Ruta de los Conquistadores for me. This was an easier decision knowing I'd have four trusted friends to share the slog and suffering. There's plenty of red mud and volcano ascending to go around! Reenie + Thom Greene, Harry Precourt and Roger Mercaldi (among many other familiar faces). I can't tell if it's nervousness, fear or excitement that's making me shake in my chair right now, could be an abundance of caffeine...Decisions need to be nailed down about equipment choice, gears or no gears? I am leaning to my Single Speed but will ready the geared bike in case my common sense gets the better of me. Holy Cow! I'm going to Costa Rica!


Sean said...

LA RUTA!?!? AWESOME!!!!! MAN you are flying this year and what a perfect year to go!! Good luck and KILL IT!!!! WHO HOO!!


wraith said...

awesome! Put the smack down on the jungle just make sure no parasitic animals or plants give birth in any of your orifices.

Andy said...

Thanks D
Good advice. Going to the travel clinic next week to get a booster and some anti-parasitic juice injections. ..or do you do that sort of thing in your shop? :D

jeff said...

rock the volcano on your SS!

wraith said...

Yeah its called Yukon Jack...That shit would sanitize Paris Hilton.

rick is! said...

wow! that will surely be an epic adventure. best of luck.