Monday, January 14, 2008

Fixed? Didn't know I was Broken...

I'd always looked to new technology and innovation to make the experience better. So why was yesterday's ride so damn fun?
I turned my Igleheart single speed mountain bike into a fixed gear to help achieve base fitness. I chose a gear pretty much at random (46 x 20)... and rode it for the first time (on a long-ass ride) with my friend Tal. Three and a half hours and I don't know how many miles...maybe 60? It was the first beat down of 2008!
On our tour around Cape Ann we ran into three other people on fixed gears, all of which Tal knew...all the cool kids are doing it I guess...and all of these fixie aficionados were on beautiful rigs. Rich on a glossy black ANT, Laurie on a plum Gunnar and Gary on his battle ship gray Surly.
I learned a few things about fixed gear bikes;
#1 my gearing was a little light
#2 wind it up coming down a hill the bike owns you till you can slow it back down.
#3 don't stop pedaling to reach in your pocket or you'll be reminded quickly that there's no freewheel to go 'click click click'.
#4 it hurts really bad to keep up with people on fixed gear road bikes when your on a mountain fixie
#5 Maybe I'm just addicted to gear...Maybe I need a third Igleheart.
looks like a screaming good time

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