Tuesday, February 05, 2008

All in

Winter, also known as off-season.
Pronunciation:\ˈf-ˌsē-zən\Function:noun Date:1848
: a time of suspended or reduced activity; especially : the time during which an athlete is not training or competing.
:(Andy's meaning) a time to drink beer, eat lots of food, get fat, and plan for next year.

The past couple of summers have been a blast. Taking time to travel the east coast of the United States to attend endurance races has been 100% worth the time, money and trouble. Racing has expanded my lifestyle and simplified it at the same time by providing a focus and a way to use the fitness and strength that cycling lends to the people that love the benefits of this lifestyle. It's also given me an opportunity to meet some gifted athletes and outstanding personalities, some of which I link to this blog. In short, I love this shit and will continue.
Now is the time to come up with a race calendar for the coming season...but which "races" to pick? Like many endurance junkies I scrolled down the calendar on ride424.com listing the ones I want to return to (W101 and S100), the ones I haven't gotten to yet, (Breckenridge and Lumberjack, Fools Gold)...and I started to research events I had not previously heard of and then tripped across the Colorado Trail "race".
I am currently in the research stage of this event and I am reading about the trail. Conversing with Matt McFee who has experienced self supported bicycle races (to say the least) and watching from a far Alex's adventures while crossing Chile via bicycle.
Multi-day back country/hiking experience via bicycle. The strategy involved, what to carry, separating what luxury items to pack and what are required to survive? Mapping the trail, it's natural food and water sources and the towns along the way to re-stock food and supplies. Loads of planning needed to accomplish such a trip, unlike my biggest undertaking to date, my decision to do La Ruta last year was decided rather quickly knowing that it was a stage race with world class support. CTR is basically a double self supported La Ruta.
At this time I don't consider this a race and don't want to compete with anyone. Rather to appreciate the trail, respect the danger and play by the self-support rules. The prospect that a clearer view of the bigger picture may come more in to focus and an additional folder added to my personal collection of memories, but I'll be sure to pack a water proof camera for when my memories fade.
My friend Glenn and one other ride Junkie are also equally interested in this journey.


rick is! said...

that'll truly be an epic ride. hope you can pull it off!

jeff said...

i can't stop thinking about it... just need some of these epic snowfall to melt-off so i can get some rides in!