Monday, February 04, 2008

sail round the cape

The main ingredients were present for an epic ride; lots of time and lots of energy, clear weather didn't hurt either. We made the long haul from our meeting spot in Beverly on a four hour- figure eight loop 'round Cape Ann. Fixed, 70 gear inches for me. Single and free, 71 gear inch for Glenn. Thom P had ambitions of joining us but it didn't work out for that guy this weekend. Rest up tom"e"p and join us next time.
Enjoying the hell out of fixed training...haven't tried off road. Hell, it's been so long since riding trails I've forgotten what it's like.
these guys followed us around all afternoon

nature break

We set a foot trap for Barry and left a note on his car to say hi.


Thom P. said...

Damn, looks like fun. Sorry I missed it. Highlight of my sunday ride was hitting 35mph on the fixed coming down into Carlysle. Fear.

IF Chicks said...

you guys were very creative with the sticks !

thanks for posting the loop.