Wednesday, April 16, 2008

nice rack

A new addition to the bike stable, a dedicated commuter fixie, complete with bags and rear rack. I know, kind'a geeky. I insist this bike found me.. years ago this bike appeared in my local bike shop, and I made fun of it's name at first sight and apparent soullessness. A mix of no name parts and ultegra shifters, made to look flashy but the wheels and drivetrain were knock-offs.
Of course my neighbor bought it. Then after a some not-so great luck with the sport of road cycling she asked me to sell it. It sat in my basement for a couple months...then I noticed the frame had rack eyelets and room for a 32mm rear tire. Blam! A 5 mm wrench and 5 minutes later the Veloz was stripped of it's cables and gears and ready to accept a single speed, fixed rear wheel.
oh god, what's next


jeff said...

nice one! is that a radio w/a horn!? sweetness.

Andy said...

it is a radio, not on my ride. Bill at Western was just making me all jealous with the picture of bar mounted tunes.
Love the horn, yeah that will certainly help.

Jason said...

I think Rick Nelson has that radio on his commuter. ;)