Sunday, April 20, 2008

watching from a distance

Some brief results up from the Cohutta 100
Still waiting to see how the SS race unfolded
Elite men + women top ten are up on cycling news
my prediction for ss podium;
TimmyD, MattF,TopherV,
but, The Elk or TomG could slip in there.
New catagory this year;
Fixed SS!
RichD, Tomi,
found some more info on Mark D's photo stream
Harlan and Floyd are still buds
looks like DJ + Timmy are on the box
but who is on top?
Da Ladies


Tom said...

hah - I think they were starting the awards when I pulled in!

It was a tough day for me on the bike - mentally very hard to stick with it on the 60+ miles of fire roads. I never want to go down a hill, around a corner only to see the road go back up hill again. Otherwise it's good to be alive and it will payoff later this year.

rick is! said...

I used to race against dan vallaincourt (2nd place overall) here in Maine. he used to school me in sport mtb. he's playing with the big boys now.

doug said...

Who's #1? Whoah. Big controversy there. Word on the street there's a bunch of Texans after TimmyD but he's got the guns to fend them off....