Thursday, August 14, 2008

Found Mo-Jo

It was hiding behind the clouds!

Man, just the other day I started to draft a post describing my lack of excitement for the ride and lamenting for my misplaced mo-jo. What a difference a couple of days under sunny skies can make.
Last night was also good for the soul - The Witch'es Cup Crit in Salem. No, I didn't race... but was re-energized by contact from nor'shore personalities who came out to watch and drink beer in public places.
Good luck this weekend to Racing Rick, Jeff Whittingham and Harry Precourt at the Hampshire 100k!! Should be a battle. Can't wait to hear how the dust settles. That was a super fast pace last year... don't think anybody told all the efta guys that 60 miles is marathon racing. Red lined from the start-finish.
The Shenandoah 100 is right around the corner... hummm... Wonder if anybody wants to roll?


rick is! said...

thanks Andy, wish you were gonna be there. I'll miss the railway tie smashing and wrong turn taking.

jeff said...

just got word that 5 guys from the IF road squad will be there, that should mix things up! why don't you come on up for it!? sat beer drinking. sun riding. i mean racing.

rick is! said...

yikes! I guess I'll have to try and get on that train!

Andy said...

this should be fun to watch (from a distance)