Sunday, August 24, 2008

Riding with a mission, ice cream.

One of these days I will own a work stand. There's gotta be a better way to assemble a bike while not precariously leaning on a folding table.
"yeah Greg, now pull a wheelie". - So he shows me up and does an endo.
I have developed a new training regiment, it involves riding bikes everyday followed by ice cream and raspberry floats. Wonder how that's going to play out at S100 next week? Chris, can we have ice cream at aid #5 instead of pizza this year?Through the woods I heard the conversation between Harry and Skip.
" that a? no, it is! crap.. Can we fix it? (Skip) - got any duct tape?
Puzzled why HP's bike wasn't staying in gear. had something to do with a clean break through the center of the down tube. Shards of scandium waiting to tear through a calf under the bowing pressure if the top tube were to let loose. Nine months of R+D proves un-Harry proof.
In Salsa's defense, Harry is an animal.
Skip offers up a loaner to replaced el-cracko. Harry stating the obvious, "umm...Skip, i think you need a new big ring". Was all in the plan to slow the kid down so we could ride with him.
That's gonna leave a mark. hey looks exactly like the bolt from under my sram shifter. Stupid gears.
Now Dita, it's time to dance!


rick is! said...

bummer. serious sketchiness! at least he made it through the hampshire 100 before it happened.

Thom P. said...

And People made fun of me "back in the day (when I had gears at all)" when I used to run twist shifters. They just hurt way less to whack your knees on, and that was about the only reason I ran them.

I told you I'm foregoing 'Cross to ride epics all this fall right?
Can't wait to break my bike on The North Shore!