Tuesday, August 26, 2008

into the dark

A cool August sky over North Conway NH
A first ride into complete darkness for the season,
A first night cold enough to wear a sweater,
A first realization summer is nearing the end
Molly; ice kite surfing and dh. way cool. oh and a plumber!
Our reward, redneck rock. The climb so steep we had to walk. Pointed it down and cycled the shock. Railing corners, squeeze but don't lock. An enjoyable eve Daren and Ken.
But darkness my friend, not you again.
Like having an overbearing mother hen.
You call too early and will only worsen when,
you force us to mount lights
or just ride zen.

1 comment:

wraith said...

great havin you come up. Hafta build up the squishy bike and make a return trip. I think you need another set of bond haus wrenches.