Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Bistro is Born!

"A restaurant renaissance in the square"
Bravo to my brother Matt as he and his wife Jeanie enjoyed a successful opening night with their Casual Fine Dining restaurant in Danvers square, Nine Elm American Bistro.
Some of you know Danvers square, a typical small town center with a bank, a bike shop, (Western Cycle of course) a cpl pizza shops and a pharmacy. Downtown now offers a selection of up scale eateries, described as
our local paper as a restaurant revival!
My Advice; next time your stepping out, pahk the cah near Danvers (pronounced Dan'v-ahz) square, walk around to work up your apatite, then go to my brothers new Bistro, Nine Elm.
Finish the night off with a stroll down the street to Cody's brew house.
The only thing missing? an Italian bakery; a cannoli and
cappuccino would hit the spot.


wraith said...

Thats Great! tell Matt I said hi.

Andy said...


Tom said...

Looks like a nice place. Let's eat there after an epic soon! Good luck in the VT50