Tuesday, September 16, 2008

fresh start

The left crank has a dead spot
At the top of the revolution and it flops from eleven o'clock to two. Faintly reminding me of many square taper bb's in the 90's and their loose 14mm bolts resulting in rounded out cranks. Oh, the number of cranks that died a premature death under my foot and under the feet of many of my friends. Thank you to the inovative splined bb makers everywhere!
Alas, that was then, this is now. Then was me bashing the cranks off baby heads in Lynn woods. Now is me sitting on an electric exercise bike with incredibly awful geometry with an uncomfortable oversized seat in a fitness room at the Pitsburgh Airport Holiday Inn.
I'm sweating perfusely and occationally grunting, "there's no fan in here"?? But I'm greatful to get some pain. The tv is on loud and I'm laughing at the political fools, I mean commentators on CNN. A guy just walked in and quickly left... Wonder if it was me? Nah. Must have been the noise comming from my electric fitness bike.. The wooble has my sneaker contacting the plastic housing with every go round. I mop splashing sweat from the console with a towel as it flashes like a Christmas tree. Is 300 watts good? I can't trust this stupid machine. How can I possibly have a revolution of 110 and a heart rate of 88 and be sweating like it's 100 degrees? They need a fan in here. Level 9 for the past twenty two minutes has me wincing a bit and I'm loving it.
The machine now barking like a yippy dog with every revolution, the wooble is much worse and my mission is to see if the crank will fall off.
I cry uncle at 30 minutes, the crank may have won. That was fun. Time for the stair climber!
Any way... I repeated the same routine tonight, no the crank didn't fall off yet.. But I'm here for another night.
Having fun here in the iron city. I am confident that I will be working with a quality team, I enjoy them all, learning a lot about a new side of a familiar buisness, enjoying my new job. I hope this lasts a long time.
Tomorrow I will try to break that bike again.

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rick is! said...

ugh, the most I've ever been able to pull off on a hotel exercise bike is 20 minutes. sheer torture!