Saturday, February 07, 2009


So today the best possible thing happened; I got my ass kicked. But not just kicked. That's putting it lightly...I got destroyed. It was pretty intense. I did survive. Barely. A smile on my face as I spun slowly home post destruction (the smile detectable somewhere under all the salt and road grime).
Skip and I originally threw together a casual plan to pedal west out toward Boxford... that's where the plan was abandon.
We saw a group of three riders 3 minutes into our ride. "Hey..ah, you.. ah.. wanna catch those guys?" They were moving quick and it took a mile to catch'em. The only road rig I have running is my fixie and I am questioning my rational as we TT up to the trio of guys moving at 24 mph. Having zero time to warm up -my legs are sending messages to the control room.. The conversation goes some'tin like, "hey whats going on on the bridge? - the turbines are billowing, slow the F down!!" The control room ignored the legs pleas, "ah did somebody say something?" "We're too busy being macho and trying to stay out of the wheel in front of us...(make that wheels - plural)- cause now I'm seeing double!" The throttle was firmly pegged like it was July already. That's pretty much how the two hour high interval ride went. I swallowed my pride when forced to walk up the big hill on little neck but whatevea.
Our five man peloton was comprised of Brian Wilichoski, His two buddies Iron-man Dave and Parker, Skip and me. First beat-down of '09.
You just never know what's going to happen - but can only wish for days like this.
Now at least a baseline has been where but up from here.

"hey what's taking you guys just spin faster"
A big shout-out to Harvey Peeet'rsiel. He's my friend and neighbor with a huge passion for cycling. He broke his hip last Sunday While riding. Luckily he had some solid people on site to call for medical aid and help with the transport of his gear.
Five shiny new screws now hold his pelvis together.
- Hey, is a pelvis and a hip the same?
The surgery seemed to be a's to a speedy recovery Harv'e.


h said...

I think it's six screws-they used a loose one from my head

jeff said...

ahhh bummer for harvey, hope he heals-up quick.

sounds like a nice ride you had there, on the fixie nonetheless!

Big Bikes said...

Pace lining on the fixed is the worst. Your butt takes a beating, the lactic acid floods your quads, makes you pray for hills and the lower RPMs...but not the downhills, where you get dropped while working harder than everybody else.

Bridge to engine room: "More coal"
Engine Room to Bridge: "Fuck off!"