Sunday, February 15, 2009


The plan was made to hoof it to the cape for a long awaited first ride on actual dirt. It's been a long winter with loads of snow and too many road riding miles. We landed at our destination an hour delayed due to a closed highway. A three hour one-way drive in order to ride for 90 minutes, you know we were desperate for dirt. Actually it was a 2.5 hour ride but we had to stop at every intersection to read the trail map.
Even if the drive down was four hours it's worth the trip. Matt and I on single speeds and both Jims' and Al on full suspensions. The trails are comprised much of winding single track with small climbs and banked corners. 19.1 mph was top speed on the chute trail. major fun.
We need another try at finding all the trails, we covered only half of what Otis has to offer...we just needed a trail guide but Tom and Reenie were soaking up the rays in Florida with Harvey.
Next week we may take another journey down over the Borne bridge and check out the Trail of tears.

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Colin R said...

There are so many trails in varying states of use at Otis that trying to track your progress is virtually impossible. Luckily everything there is pretty awesome, so as long as you have plenty of daylight it's better to just keep the map in your pocket and fly.

When the sun does start to go down, you can usually un-lose yourself by heading toward the setting sun (west) until you hit the big divided road and then going south on the trail that runs along it to your car.

One of the only trails with a "name" is "Rip Your Shorts Off" which heads south from Deer Horn Hill (the high point with the cement ring). Strongly recommended.

It's a good way to end a ride because you can go left after crossing the paved road at the end of RYSO and it's a rare straight shot back to the train tracks, powerline, and parking.

End Otis rambling. YEAH BIKES!