Sunday, February 22, 2009

What would Michael Stipe do?

Choosing a super power is tough... I mean, IF you could choose one that is. When I was a kid with a paper route I wished daily for the ability to bounce with a twenty foot stride from house to house to deliver papers. Not because I wanted to deliver great service, I just wanted to be done so I could go play. Omni-linguism would be a good and responsible adult type superpower. The ability to understand any form of language. How great would that be! Would that include computer language? Animal language? French?? Yesterday I wished for a super power. The ability to transform my early season fitness (or lack there of) to a much less painful level. My lungs are working and my legs feel good, it's just the extra 15 pounds of spare tire I'm hauling around is weighing me down (quite literally). Time to skip the deserts and pass on the french fries. - That would require another super power for me. I need to get back to where climbing hills on a single speed feels good. "Are you supposed to taste blood during a ride?" Hey, at least I can still jump off rocks.


Big Bikes said...

See, jumping of rocks would be the super power I would wish for.

You can't train your balls to be made of steel.

Marçal Font said...

Nice photo.