Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wayne and Garth said it best...

I'm not worthy!
The waiting game is over and thankfully the building of this race bike is too. I am blown away with the outcome and feel empowered with my new trail weapon. I don't know if I am worthy of such artwork for a bicycle but will certainly put my best in racing this red and black missile.
Big thanks go out to the creator of this shiny new rig, Christopher Igleheart. I've seen plenty of bikes brought to life in his studio and this is by far my favorite and I'm happy to say that it's mine and I'm going to ride the hell out of it.
Possibly with a 29er up front if I have the go-nads to race her with a rigid front end which I don't plan on, well maybe just once.

Big thanks go out to Bill and Ant at Western cycle for helping put the finishing touches on this ride. Two things I hate to do...bleed brakes and tweak front derailleurs. Thanks guys.

Now it's off to the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in San Jose California before I get a chance to ride it on the trails. Probably a good thing considering the salt, mud and muck on the trails right now. Maybe it'll even win a prise..who knows.


wraith said...

It's no wheeler but still a really nice ride now you have to do your part and make Igleheart proud.

Buddy said...

Sweet looking ride. Gott let us know how it rides when you finally get the chance.

Jason said...

Sweet! That thing is hot.


Andy said...

thanks guys
truth be told I already know how she rides..this is my bike from last year with some wider chain stays and more stainless highlights and a fresh paint job.
gotta love steel...ride it all year...cut, grind and weld on new pieces and the shiner up good as new.

Harry said...

now that is a nice bike. hope you're enjoying some epics! see ya this summer.

JB said...


Very Very Nice

jeff said...

talked to jenn about decals, need to find right backing, may work, may not, more later. looks sweet as-is!

Andy said...

yo what up HP!
you coming around for another epic soaker?
(I'll request good weather this time around)

Harry said...

hell yeah, i'm down for some epics. i'll be back mid-may. keep me in the loop. keep up the big base miles!

Andy said...

nice. sounds like your in riding shape. Have you turned into a colorado climbing monster on us? hope so!

looking forward to it bro.