Friday, February 22, 2008

midnight decisions

"what was I thinking?" I rolled along on my skinny road tires en rout to work, the streets growing increasingly slick and snow accumulating by the minute. My treadless road tires, all of 23mm wide, caked with snow and I am afraid to brake because there is no good reason that I have not fallen yet. Tangling with plow trucks buzzing one foot to my left with sanders spreading coarse salt that bounces from the truck and clinks loudly off my bike frame. I ride with my mouth closed, afraid I might loose a tooth.
I should have known this would be a bad idea but decided to leave my car at work after the show last night. "It's not going to snow till mid-day." Damn New England forecasters. I shouldn't blame them. It was my drunken Bravado.
Last night a cross section of Boston's most devoted bike population gathered at the Somerville theater to watch 'Klunkers' and listen to guest speaker Gary Fisher talk about "this thing" he and his friends started doing in Marin County in the 1970's.
The movie was well done and funny. It covered the west coast history of off road riding and how Gary and hid friends accidentally invented something that grew to what mountain biking is today.
I enjoyed a brief conversation with Gary in the beer line before the show. The man is a functional fashion plate with a light hearted humor, he clearly enjoys himself where ever he goes. His tight black Japanese courier pants with the handle on the back "so she can hold-on for hills" was a crack-up as he demonstrated the functionality of a sewn-on handle on the ass of his jeans just in case riding companions need a little rest on the upside.
Thanks for a good time all...and redbones was fun too. man my head hurts.

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rick is! said...

that, my dear, is why I only ride the el mariachi this time of year. at least if the weather throws you a curve ball you've got some meatty tires to back you up.